Saturday, October 18, 2008

Corner Table Ham, Cheese and Rustica Baguette

I swung over to Rustica this morning to grab another sandwich from the Corner Table. I arrived right when they were setting the display up and the gentlemen doing so told me they make their own corned beef for the sandwiches. I thought that was a nice little nod to their pursuit of excellence. I settled on the ham and cheese sandwich because it looked tasty and because it featured a smoked paprika aioli,.

The sandwich is composed of a nice crusty baguette layered with Hidden Streams ham and Fenceline Farm provolone. They used some nice buttery bibb lettuce ans smeared a delicious aioli on the bread to make the flavors nice and bright.

The ham was really good. It was firm and think and was closer the the variety you would eat during the holidays vs. what you would pick up at the deli. It wasn't too salty and the marbling of the flesh made it rich and luscious. The provolone cheese was pretty strong and a bit gamy for what I typically perceive as a pretty creamy cheese, but it was a nice contrast to the firm and flavorful ham.
The aioli was really nice and light especially when compared to a standard mayonnaise. It had a serious jolt of lemon which was nice and refreshing, but I didn't catch much paprika, which was a bit disappointing. Overall the sandwich was rich, satisfying and a meal in itself. I really appreciate the fact that Corner Table uses good ingredients and still manages to keep their prices low. The $7.75 I paid for the sandwich was more then worth it and I'll be back to enjoy some of their other creations soon.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. I'll be back at Rustica several times a year to eat, but I'll want to try something new every time I'm there. The sandwich was very good, but not enough to overcome my curiosity for something different when I return. The sandwiches Corner Table makes to sell there are all quite good and I'd rather keep things fresh before I settle in on a favorite.

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kat said...

we really need to go try these sandwiches, I can't imagine they are anything but great