Saturday, October 11, 2008

Broder's - Caprese Sandwich

I love Broder's Cucina Italiana like I love my Italian Grandmother. It's the perfect place to swing by and grab delicious pizza, pasta, hoagies and a whole mix of Italian favorites ranging from pasta to cold salads to authentic Italian foodstuffs.

I go there quite frequently and enjoy a number of things, and falling into that category are their delicious paninnis. Last night I had the caprese sandwich. Take a fresh, chewy baguette and brush some olive oil on the inside of the loaf. Then sprinkle with some coarse ground pepper and salt. Layer in incredibly fresh basil and some nicely sliced tomatoes, and then, the star of this sandwich: fresh, pillowy mozzarella. It's essentially a caprese salad on a nice baguette.

I enjoy this sandwich and it's a go-to in Lent for me on my flesh free Fridays. Although the caprese sandwich was tasty and light, it's better suited for spring/summer or when you need a nice reminder of the pending warmth in the late winter months. I recommend the sandwich, but as temperatures drop I'll start to favor their South Jersey hoagie or the meatball sub.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. I'll eat this several times a year and it's a good meal to cycle into my regular trips at this neighborhood favorite.

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kat said...

We've yet to go there since moving to the cities. I think a lunch trip is in order.