Friday, May 8, 2009

Sandwich Consolidation

After a brief vacation (well deserved) and a break from blogging I've done some stomach/soul searching and decided to consolidate my blogs. Epic sandwich will now be a frequent feature on Hungry in Southwest. When I started blogging it was simply a hobby. Now that I've added a second personal blog, and the City Pages gig, it seems like I've really fragmented my content and lost track of why I got into blogging in the first place. A wise man (Shefzilla himself) once stated that he envisioned blogging as simply an art project and ideally, I feel the same way about what I do. I think I can make that all happen in one concentrated effort that will hopefully lead to a better user experience. The new and improved Hungry in Southwest will benefit from the additional content and readers can still find all the sandwich goodness in its new home starting next week when I head over to Clancey's Meat and Fish to see if they can deliver beyond their killer (bad pun) butcher business. I've heard from numerous sources that they haver serious sandwich cred (no doubt they have impecable ingredients) and I plan on putting it to the test. Thanks all, I'll see you over at Hungry in Southwest and you can still catch me every Wedensday morning here.

Happy Eating,