Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Epic Sandwich: Surdyk's Deli serves up a surprise

The outside of Surdyk's in NE Minneapolis is about as uninviting as an insane asylum. The inside however, is quite a different story. Although Surdyk's is mostly known for their wine selection they also boast an amazing cheese shop and a pretty kick-ass deli. It's sort of a food lovers Disneyland. You can pick up a nice hunk of cheese, some nice meats, olives and breads and then pick out a nice vintage to wash your lovely meal down with. Of course if you're like me, you'll need a snack to tide you over until you get home so you might as well grab one of their creative sandwiches from their deli.

They rotate a few hot and cold featured sandwiches from a huge list of awesome creations everyday. They also serve up some tasty salads and soups in case you're looking for something beyond the sandwich realm. I'm always up for a good panini and although many things looked good that day, I immediately locked eyes with the pork and caramelized onion panini. How could I possibly pass up such a masterful combination? The anchor of this awesome sandwich is the grilled marble rye - I don't think there is a better bread for grilling. They layer on this awesome parrano (an aged gouda) that melts well, yet has much more flavor then your classic melting cheeses. They whip up a balsamic mayo special for this particular sandwich, and there is simply nothing that goes better with a slow roasted, rosemary infused lush, tender pork loin then a good hint of balsamic. Surdyk's also throws on some caramelized onions to help bridge the sweetness of the balsamic and the savory pork. Lastly, the arugula mellows nicely under the heat of the grill and adds a final aromatic element to this superb sandwich. Everything is perfectly melded together and the flavors are simply fantastic.

My only wish is that the sandwiches were grilled to order. I know that take a few extra minutes, but it would be well worth it. I was able to get in and out fast which was appreciated, but when it comes to a panini there is a certain romance associated with hearing your very own sandwich sizzle and ready itself for your satisfaction.

Sandwich Rating: Killer. The flavors on this sandwich were deep and rich, but managed to work really well together despite their respective boldness. This was simply a well-crafted 'wich with thoughtful pairings and sterling ingredients. At $6.99 I think it's beyond reasonable and will head back across the river soon to peruse the wine selection and get myself a nice thoughtful lunch.

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kat said...

good tip! I love Surdyk's