Monday, March 16, 2009

Hell's Kitchen Ultimate BLT

I've been trying to get to Hell's Kitchen for quite some time and figured Sunday brunch would be a chance for me to gorge on a few different menu options. The local food scene has been oozing with buzz about he place lately so I jumped right on that train and ordered their Ham and Pear Crisp in addition to some Sausage Bread (some one had a few too many the night before). Jess decided on the Ultimate BLT (sounded pretty good to me, too) and we settled in to share a nice little smorgasbord. I'm going to focus on the BLT for this post as I'll have a full Ham and Pear Crisp write-up posted on City Pages the morning of 3/18.

I thought Hell's BLT was actually quite good. When executed well, a BLT can be extremely satisfying, yet at the same time, a weak BLT can be easily identified and called out immediately. Thankfully this wasn't the case at Hell's Kitchen. It's essentially your classically crafted BLT with no extra frills. No chipotle Mayo, no fried eggs, and no peppered bacon, although you can pay a bit more for a cheese upgrade.

The sandwich is built on a solid foundation of expertly toasted sourdough that gets a good splash of mayonnaise on top. They layer in nice crispy bacon, with just a bit of chew and enough salt to slap your hangover around a bit. They serve it with delicate butter lettuce, and layers of rich, sweet and perfectly ripe tomatoes of a quality that I haven't enjoyed in quite some time.

Sandwich Rating: Tasty. I'll be back to Hell's Kitchen to sample some other goodies in the very near future, but will probably bounce around the menu a bit more. Like I said, a good BLT is satisfying, but I like to try and push the envelope a bit more when I sit down to the table.

Happy Eating,



Stacey Snacks said...

Ok Mr. Sandwich:

Today, in Henry's lunchbox is:

1. mini ciabatta roll w/ fresh mozzarella, roasted peppers, arugula and pesto.
2. mini ciabatta roll w/ jarlsberg cheese, speck (smoked prosciutto), tomato w/ honey mustard
3. 7 grain bread w/ Skippy creamy and French fig jam.

I don't want boredom to set in!

I love your site and I love sandwiches!

HungryinSW said...

All sound legit! I think I'll use #1 as my lent lunch next week!

kat said...

Sometimes though a classic BLT is exactly what I want without the extras...

Silvia Jacinto said...

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