Monday, February 2, 2009

Blue Door Pub: Shroom and Swiss

I wanted to follow up on the Blue Door Pub as promised earlier. I really dug this place and it's neighborhood feeling. I used to live a few blocks away, so it's good to see such a friendly neighborhood establishment there now, although I am a bit jealous that there wasn't something like that when I was around.

The staff was super friendly, and the menu small, but inventive. The Spam bites - think Spam and cream cheese breaded and fried - looked enormous, and all the burgers and sandwiches I saw looked great. The menu is fun and has a bit of something for everyone from a classic Juicy Lucy all the way to the darn-near absurd Jiffy Burger that features bacon, pepper jack cheese and a smear of peanut butter! Now that's seriously nuts. All there sandwiches can be served up with fries, deep-fried green beans or tots for a bit extra as well, so make sure you are in for a serious blast of comfort before stepping in this cozy and crowded spot.

While there I also enjoyed a few bites of the Mushroom and Swiss Blucy. Simply take the classic version of this burger, but mix the mushrooms in the beef and add a nice molten center of swiss. The mushrooms helped to further flavor the juicy meat, and the smooth swiss was perfectly gooey! Oh, and then there's the pickles. They offered a nice tangy and crunch to round the whole burger out. They may only do a few things at the BDP, but everything they do is done well.

Even if you aren't ready for dinner you can swing by to sample from their great craft beer selection and catch up with a friend or two. I plan on bellying up very soon with a good friend and a nice bubbly burger.

Happy Eating,



kat said...

We totally plan on going back as well. They turned us one to Rush River Brewery's new Broken Arrow Porter which is amazing

Shelly said...

I just wanted to stop by and welcome you to the foodie blog roll.

Anonymous said...

Hi Teddy-

Thanks for the write up on the mushroom swiss! This is what we have going on right now: I would like to share with you an event the Blue Door Pub will be having this week. Since we have opened, Jeremy (Pat McDonough and Jeremy Woerner, owners of the Blue Door Pub) and myself have wanted to do something special for our neighbors to say thank you for welcoming us into their incredible community. We are finally finding some time to be able to do this, we have been so busy! We are going to be unveiling our newest Blucy (our version of the juicy lucy) and we are dedicating it to the area-the “Merriam Park Blucy”. We are offering to select close neighbors, home delivery of the Merriam Park Blucy ( or anything else on the menu) for half off. Jeremy and I will be the ones delivering the food so we can get a chance to say thank you to our neighbors face to face. I just think in these bad economic times it’s good to hear about a place that is doing well and I know I would appreciate that place being in my backyard! Thank you very much for your time and have a great week!


Pat McDonough
The Blue Door Pub

p.s. Merriam Park Blucy=bleu cheese, garlic and bacon on the inside and it’s topped off with red currant jelly-yum!